Managed I.T. Services

Imagine a future where you don't have to have the HR and Technical headaches with having your own in house I.T. staff.  Well, the future is here.  We offer a service that we call Scalable Managed Information Technology Services(SMITS for short).  With SMITS you can take the guesswork and complication of managing your IT infrastructure with our highly proficient, and broad-based, and personalized managed services.  Your not an I.T. pro, and the good news is, with SMITS, you don't have to be.  From web, to hardware, to software, let our professional team of consultants help you streamline, automate, and maximize your I.T. infrastructure in ways that you didn't even know was possible.

  • Web Development and management
  • Software Automation
  • Break Fix
  • Network services
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Technology utilization, training, and R&D.
What are managed services?  Think of it as a ‘System Admin’ on call.  Imagine having the ability to have a professional, highly responsive I.T. department of your own without all of the associated costs and H.R. headaches.Anytime Compute Service would provide a dedicated I.T. staff, including network administrators, break-fix services, software developers, and automation specialists at your fingerprints when you need it, wherever you need it.  We have general knowledge of many facets of I.T., Software, and WebDev, to help with many areas of your business, and for areas beyond our specialty, we have the capacity to manage outside companies/contractors to do so.  This 'hands-off' service allows you to focus on what your good at, your business.  Leave the technology up to us!

If you tired of dealing with computer problems and worry about security issues, don’t you think it is time to do something different?

Founded on more the five years of network administration experience, We have stood for excellence in providing personalized service.

We have the in-house expertise to serve all of your needs and we are organized in a team structure that is customized for YOUR business.

Each team is led by a CIO level technologist. He is your technology quarterback and his primary mission is to align your technology with your business plan and budget.

Your CIO runs the necessary team of technologists with general and niche expertise such as systems administrators, architects, and desktop specialists.

The goal is for our team to seamlessly integrate with your company just as if they are part of your company.​

What will we do as part of managed service? Every contracted visit, I will:

  • Take care of things you know you need done:
    • Work through tickets submitted by staff, and team members in the order in which we receive them, in a prompt and courteous fashion.
    • Perform courtesy backups of critical data* from main server per visit
    • Manage active directory, or network services, including group policies
    • Procurement, Asset, and Licencing management
  • As Time Allows, take care of things that you need, but didn't know that you needed:
    • Check all devices for critical updates
    • Scan devices for malware, viruses, and other security vulnerabilities
    • Develop/implement strategies to moving towards, and maintaining a paperless office.
    • Setup, Tear-down, and move I.T. equipment.
    • Professionally dress, and label cabling and I.T. hardware.
    • Work with administration and staff to develop scripts for automating routine tasks, and developing other software to streamline your business.
    • Develop, and maintain operations manuals, security credential databases, and staff training for I.T. administration.
    • Provide personalized/individualized training on utilization of I.T. systems software and hardware to management, employees and other staff.
    • Investigate and resolve lingering issues with current technology that may be defective or underutilized.  Work with management to develop strategies to optimize current technologies
    • Work with technology vendors, contractors, or service providers to provide higher quality services as lower costs.  Develop strategies to streamline current technology utilization.
    • Manage website/web dev company strategies, services, and provide assistance/direction.
    • Provide insight for better, more strategic use of current technologies, and make recommendations for new technologies.
    • Build custom hardware, repair hardware, and/or implement new technologies as needed.
    • Implementing and maintaining a Administrator managed network environment and/or virtualized network environment

Whats the benefits? Why Use Managed Services? Here is what is included in managed services:

  • Teared discounts on contracted hours:
    • 2-20 Hours per week
      • 20% off contracted hours AND services (saves $9/hour & $7/Service Call*)
      • 20% off remote or in-shop services ANYTIME
      • 10% off additional non-contracted hours
    • 24-48 Hours per week
      • 30% off contracted hours AND services (saves $13.50/hour & $10.50/Service Call*)
      • 30% off remote or in-shop services ANYTIME
      • 20% off additional non-contracted hours
    • ​52+ Hours per week
      • 40% off contracted hours AND services (saves $18/hour & $14.00/Service Call*)
      • 40% off remote or in-shop services ANYTIME
      • 30% off additional non-contracted hours

All packages listed below include;

  • Dedicated ticketing portal for your company, employees, staff, and management to submit work orders and tickets as they work.
  • 24x7 network monitoring services to proactively resolve potential problems, or downtime.
  • Monthly billing/invoicing for additional services requested, and rendered, with 30 days net invoicing terms!

*Based on standard rates of a $35.00 service call fee, and $45.00 per hour

What does it cost? There are no lengthy subscriptions, or contracts.  As long as you qualify during any given month, you get access to the discounts provided. To qualify for managed services discounts, do the following: 

  • Schedule at least one 2 hour On-Site shift per week for at least one month. (shifts come in 2 hour packages, between the hours of 7am-5pm, excluding at least one hour for lunch for an all day shift)  
  • Prepay for that month’s contracted services. (additional services will be invoiced separately at the end of the month).
  • Be current on any bills from the previous month