On-Site Services

On-Site Services Are All Inclusive:

On-Site Labor - 
On-Site I.T. Labor: Includes most, basic, and standard I.T. Services including cable dressing, connecting, troubleshooting, training, labor to install parts, and software troubleshooting. Does not include Virus Removals which are completed remotely, or OS(Operating System) Installations which may be required to be completed off-site. 

Residential Rate: $75/hour with a $120 minimum fee*

Commercial Rate: $100/hour with a $150 minimum fee*

  • If we determine that the service cannot be completed on-site we can provide you with a detailed proposal for how we can resolve the issue, or if the problem requires further diagnosis, we will take your device back to the shop for diagnostic/repair(covered by your service call fee), and bring it back to you when your done for a small delivery/setup fee of $45.00*.

Recommended Service: Network Stabilization, and Optimization Service - 
Network Stabilization, and Optimization Service.  Essentially, depending on the current reliability of your infrastructure, I'll come out, organize, clean, and properly setup your existing equipment.  We will professionally clean, organize, label, and dress your cabling, connections, and mount devices(price does not include mounting hardware/platforms if necessary).  Additionally, this service includes troubleshooting connectivity/operation problems, and recommendations for equipment upgrades as necessary.  Finally, as part of the service, I will create a professionally laid out network topography map, complete with necessary login/service credentials, and provide a basic operations/troubleshooting guide, specific for your setup.
This service is estimated at 45-50 minutes of "On-Site I.T. Labor" per network device(workstation, printer, network equipment, etc.). 45-50 minutes of "On-Site I.T. Labor" per network device(workstation, printer, network equipment, etc.)

*Pricing shown above are for services rendered between 5:00am-6:00pm EST

  • Nights(6:00pm-11:00pm EST) and weekends are 1.5 times the amounts shown
  • Twilight hours(11:00pm-4:59am EST) and Holidays are 2 times the amount shown