Remote Services or In-Shop Services

Remote or In-shop Services are Flat rate(See below)

Pre-Service Data Backup
Let us protect your data before we get to work. We will perform a pre-service data backup to backup raw data in case of accidental loss.  If you have purchased this Data Protection Service prior to work beginning, using this backup, we undertake to make all reasonable effort to recover this data using our in-house expertise, and at our own expense. If we are still unable to recover lost data we may compensate customers on a case-by-case basis.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  This service does NOT backup software that may be installed on systems.  This backup is a raw data backup which includes databases, files, folder, etc..  In case of catastrophic data loss, software, programs, personalized settings, apps, and even the operating systems they run on  may need to be reinstalled at the expense of the client.
USD $109.00 or 30% of the stated value(whichever is highest)

Remote, or In-Shop Virus & Spyware Removal Level I
Remote Virus & Spyware Removal that is NOT infecting system files. This includes browser malware, which is not limiting access to critical system files.

Remote, or In-Shop Virus & Spyware Removal Level II
Removal of Malware that is impairing system functionality, or the removal of software.

In-Shop Diagnostic Service
During our diagnostic we will will determine exactly what needs to be fixed and give you a full detailed consultation regarding specific parts, or services that required to resolve your issue.  Fee is waived if repair is agreed to. If not, client may pay diagnostic fee and get device back, or allow us to recycle the unit in lieu of payment.

Remote, or In-Shop Software Service- Initial
Installation or troubleshooting of Software. Does not include the price of any software.

Remote, or In-Shop Add-on Software Service
Installation or troubleshooting of additional Software when added to any other advanced Service. Does not include the price of any software.

Remote, or In-Shop Basic Data Recovery
Basic Data Recovery and transfer from 1 location to another location of clients choice.

Pick-up Charge
We'll pick-up your item so you don't have to drive it anywhere. Device must be able to be retrieved from premises within 15 minutes of arrival.  If extra time is needed to get the device, additional charges may apply.  You may also ship your device to us.  Click Here to get details on how to ship your device to us.

Delivery Charge
Like the Pic-up Service, this includes the delivery, and up to 5 minutes for on-site setup/testing, hands on equipment demonstration. If extra time is needed to complete setup/demonstration, additional charges may apply.  If you are out of the area, we will pay to ship the device back to you.  Click Here to get details on how to ship your device to us.

Remote, or In-Shop Email Account Setup
Email Account Setup

Remote, or In-Shop Hardware Service
Hardware Troubleshooting, installation, etc..
$49.99 per hour

In-Shop OS Install
Reformat or OS Install NO DATA RECOVERY: Reformat of your Computer, and the installation of an OS of your choice. Includes the installation of up to two additional pieces of software. DOES NOT INCLUDE DATA RECOVERY OR TRANSFER

In-Shop OS Install + Data
PC Reformat and OS Install WITH BASIC DATA RECOVERY/TRANSFER: Reformat of your Computer, and the installation of an OS of your choice. Includes the installation of up to two additional pieces of client provided software.
$189.99 + Pickup/Delivery Fee

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